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AirTalk Wireless Reviews: 5 Fast Facts

AirTalk Wireless is an FCC-licensed Lifeline and Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) provider. This company claims that eligible customers will receive a free smartphone and free unlimited phone services as part of the Lifeline and ACP benefits. In fact, some people say that AirTalk Wireless’s free phone program is the best one among others. On the other hand, some customers are not satisfied with AirTalk services. Therefore, in this post, we will look at some of the AirTalk Wireless Reviews from their customers to reveal 5 fast facts about this company.

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1. AirTalk Wireless Offers Decent Free Phones

Eligible customers can receive free 4G/5G smartphones when applying for the Lifeline and ACP program at AirTalk. While other Lifeline and ACP providers just offer flip phones or low-end Android phones, AirTalk goes above and beyond to provide decent phones from top iconic brands like iPhone 6s, iPhone 7, Samsung Galaxy S7. LG G7 Thin Q, and more.

Especially, many customers say that AirTalk’s free phone has some outstanding features, including a large screen and high-quality camera.

2. Customers Can Enjoy Free Unlimited Cell Phone Service

In addition to a free smartphone, subscribers can receive free unlimited phone services from AirTalk:

  • Unlimited high-speed data
  • Unlimited talk
  • Unlimited text & picture messaging

There is the fact that all these phone services will cost you about $40-$50 per month. So, why not give AirTalk a try and save your money?

3. You Don’t Have To Pay Anything

All the offers from AirTalk are completely free of charge. Customers don’t have to pay for anything, including the shipping.

4. The Delivery Time is Quick

Basically, AirTalk’s delivery time is quite quick. This company ships your free smartphones within 5-10 business days once your application is complete. However, the shipping time can be longer for some customers, but we think it’s acceptable.

5. The Customer Service Needs To Be Improved

Besides the good parts mentioned above, there is a point that AirTalk Wireless really needs to improve. Went through customer comments on social media, we investigated and realized that many customers complained about AirTalk’s customer service.

However, this problem can be understandable because this is a free program with thousands of customers registered in a day. For this reason, Airtalk’s customer service system is always overloaded.

Undoubtedly, AirTalk should pay more attention to improving their customer service to bring their customers the best experience.

The Final Words

Overall, the AirTalk Wireless free phone program is absolutely one of the best programs for people in need. Qualifying customers can receive free smartphones and unlimited cell phone services when signing up for the Lifeline and ACP program with AirTalk. According to AirTalk Wireless reviews, you can have a hard time contacting AirTalk customer service. However, it’s worth your time if you can get a free phone with unbeatable features. So, visit Airtalkwireless today and gain your benefits now!

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